Kathy Underwood
Your Ultimate Achievement Coach
For athletes, ready to perform, feel and live at their best

Get there. Faster.

Find the inspiration and support you need, from a certified peak performance coach you can trust.

Develop a Champion Mindset, a Winning Attitude and Live at Your Ultimate Best.

I Help You Get There Faster.
As an athlete, you well know what pushing, stress and ultimate exhaustion means. Your days have become longer than you could possibly bare, injuries are part of your daily life now and your performance is taking a hit after a hit.

You do know that there’s something holding you back, something intangible and yet so visible from the results you are producing and the life you are living.
I am here to find this block with you, to help you develop new skills, to have a vision and passion again and to move past obstacles, which don’t require physical training or more injuries.

I am here to walk on that path of discovery with you and help you create solid focus towards the achievement of your personal and professional goals.
Let’s raise the bar, together.



Personalized Approach
Through mindful strategies we cut through the fog and get to the root of what’s holding you back. Everything is focused and tailored personally to you.
Simple & Efficient Process
Transparent process, which lets you be clear and comfortable with our work and goals we set together.
Ultimate Focus & Vision
Develop visualization skills which help you cultivate winning focus and manifest desired results. Fast.
Isn’t it time you got out of your own way?
"Kathy was right on in helping me find the blocks I didn't even know I had. My feeling of freedom is more amazing each day, she's a gift to anyone that she works with"
“Kathy is an authentic and inspiring coach. Her ability to strategically help me identify roadblocks to success, followed by tactical planning to eliminate those roadblocks, has accelerated my progress. She has helped motivate me to attain goals I previously thought impossible. If you're looking for fast results, I highly recommend that you work with her!”
“Choosing Kathy as my coach was one of the best investments I could have made for myself both personally and professionally. Helping me set new goals and setting a road map to achieving success in my life. I highly recommend her services to everyone!”
Let's get started.
I invite you to get in touch and see how we can leverage the strategies and tools I’ve used for over 30+ years to help individuals and athletes (just like you) find what’s holding them back. You can reach your ultimate goals faster, start now.
Kathy Underwood
Your Ultimate Achievement Coach